Pictar Home-Office Kit

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The Pictar Home Office Kit is the perfect way for newly remote WFH professionals and students to transform the video call into an efficient, empowering experience. Designed to help you maintain an ‘air of professionalism’ despite the fact that you can spend the entire day in your pajamas, the Home Office Kit includes a click-on wide-angle lens, professional lighting and the world’s coolest flexible tripod.

Look - and feel - like you mean business.

Our 18mm wide-angle lens clicks easily onto your phone or your laptop so that you never have to endure the “big nose syndrome” anymore. A 160-degree angle of coverage means that you will look proportionate and be able to use as many screen titles and animations as you need to get your point across.

Let there be light! And let it be super-professional.

Use the Pictar Smart Light to transform your home office into a studio-quality, live streaming video-conferencing machine! Anyone that spends time in front of the camera will tell you that lighting is the key to looking great and keeping your colleagues focused on what you have to say rather than where you are sitting to say it.

It's the world's best tripod! Let's put it to work.

After so many years in the photography business, we believe we’ve come up with the world’s most flexible and easy-to-use tripod and this is your chance to put it to work – literally. With its 5 flexible legs and silicone covering, the Splat 3N1 was designed for stability and durability on any device and on any surface.